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Fueled by her love of design and the power to make people feel good through fashion, New York native Kesha Mcleod has become a prominent figure in fashion & sports.

Her expertise has woven her into the vibrant tapestry of some of the industry's most illustrious and celebrated stars. Names like Serena Williams, PJ Tucker, James Harden, Ne-Yo, Andre Iguodala, Serge Ibaka, Candace Parker, Joel Embiid, Auston Matthews, and many more have been irresistibly drawn to her magnetic talents. Her portfolio, an exquisite variety of innovative styles, bears witness to her extraordinary abilities.

Kesha's distinguishable drive continues to catapult her into the force she is today and in decades to come, allowing her to continuously attract an array of high-profile clients.

Kesha McLeod, a true luminary in her field, continues to cast her spell and captivate the world of fashion, music, sports, and film.

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